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Four (previously long out-of-print) issues from the early days of Martha Grover's Somnambulist, one of our all-time favorite zines. 

Like the Somnambulist Zine Pack Fundraiser, all proceeds go straight to Martha's brain surgery recovery fund...[ continued ]

Out this week! Arguably one of the most prolific artists in modern indie music, over the past two decades Fred Thomas has fronted a dozen bands, played in dozens of others, headed up a half-dozen record labels, and released an incredible array of albums as a solo artist. His music spans from retro-pop to shoegaze, ambient-drone to bedroom-pop, folk-punk to surf-rock, but most often sits comfortably outside of genre, uniquely his own...[ continued ] Fred Thomas- It Sounds Like They're In Love With You

Big cat, small house. 

2.25" x 2.75", black on white-vinyl sticker.

Bird revolt.

3.5” x 3.5” yinyl sticker, weather-proof, UV-protective coating.

The issue that started this well-loved series of cat-themed zine word parties. Five pieces excerpted from Katie Haegele's cat memoir, Cats I've Known. 

32 pages, half-letter size.

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A little logbook zine meant to be used as a "radio diary." Meant to keep a record of radio stations (be they shortwave, AM, FM, or online), so that you can remember to follow-up with each. It also leaves a space, and gives a little primer, to QSL cards and offers a chance to start collecting.

12 pages, half-letter size.

A re-release of Land & Buildings' early album Hibiscus, that's "Equal parts isolated mountain music, minimalist composition breezes and Zuckerzeit-era Cluster, these songs sound very much like the seedlings they are."

Released on Life Like.

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Anyone who's followed Antiquated Future knows we love weirdo spoken word music. From Tapestry to Aboriginal Flowers to Hecka Ar, we've carried and released albums that push the bounds of music and poetry since the get-go. That's why we're thrilled to carry the new release from Emily Roll that continues the wild, graphic word-art that she's been until-now making under the name Haunted.

Released on Life Like...[ continued ]

Two vastly different takes on what ambient synth music can sound like. 

Released on Life Like.

High-quality experimental mood pieces for trumpet, violin, synthesizer, drum machine, and flute. 

Released on Life Like. Listen on Bandcamp.

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